You can view your training plan and nutrition plan on the Trainerize app by swiping from left to right, under the heading “Plans”.
– Your nutrition plan is at the top of the screen.
– Your training plan comes next.
– The workouts contained within your training plan are at the bottom of the screen.


Please be sure to log your training on Trainerize as follows:

1, Cardio: Use Runkeeper to track your runs, walking or bike rides and then enter the stats into Trainerize
– Tap +
– Select “Cardio”
– Tap the appropriate activity

2, Programmed Workouts:
– Tap +
– Select “Workout”
– Select the appropriate workout
– Select “Track” (for weight training) or select “Check in” for circuits
– If you’re tracking a workout, work through the session and enter the weights used and reps. If you’d like to see an exercise demo, click the thumbnail picture.
– When you have finished your workout click “End” and it will be saved.


Circuits and Cardio : Perform the 5 minute warm up routine that is in the workouts in your training plan. Follow the steps above to complete it.

Weight Training: If you are doing heavy strength training make sure you do 5 minutes cardio to warm up (the rower is a great full-body warm up) This should be followed by a few warm-up sets of the exercise you’ll be training with for each body part. Always start with a set using just the bar to work on your form and get your body used to the movement and then gradually add weight, doing a 4-5 reps each time until you reach your starting weight.


Finish with 3 minutes of gentle walking to lower your pulse rate and then perform the static stretching routine that is in the workouts in your training plan

Have fun and work hard! 🙂

The Real Fitness Coach