12 Week Challenge

Clipboard01The Real Fitness Coach 12 Week New Year Challenge

If you are fired up and ready to make 2017 your best year ever then this is the challenge for you!

– Full training programme
– Full nutrition plan
– Members’ only FB group
– Motivation & ongoing support


One-off payment of £49.95

roman 55What Matters?

  • You have an “I can” attitude
  • You are determined
  • You are strong willed
  • You are prepared to work hard
  • You can stick to a nutrition plan consistently and scientifically without having constant “bad days” or “off days”.
  • You take personal responsibility for your success

What Doesn’t Matter?

  • How much you weigh
  • How fit you are
  • How old you are
  • How much experience you have

FAQclaire before after 3

  • Will I ache? Yes – especially at first!
  • Will I be expected to eat a “clean” (no junk) diet? Yes…if you want results!
  • Will I be hungry? Absolutely not! In fact you’ll probably eat more than you’ve ever eaten before!
  • Will I get stronger? 100% Yes!
  • Will I lose body fat? Yes – if you follow the plan!
  • Can I just do the weight training sessions and not the cardio? Yes – you can do what you want, you’re an adult, but no complaining about your results!
  • Can I just do the cardio and skip the weigh training? Yes – if you want weight loss but aren’t bothered about getting toned!
  • Can I just do the exercise but not the nutrition? Yes – you can do what you want, you’re an adult, but no complaining about your results!
  • Will I get the best results by only following the plat half-heartedly? Obviously not!
  • Will the diet be healthy? You’ll be eating only fresh, unprocessed produce, lots of veg, fresh berries, and healthy fats. You’ll also be drinking lots of water. You bet it will!
  • I think it sounds a bit extreme – I just want to get a bit fitter! That’s great – just Google your local Zumba classes!
One-off payment of £49.95