This isn’t contest-prep – this is lifestyle focused, long-term body change.

TRFC 1-2-1 nutrition client, Victoria, is a role model for anyone who wants to get strong, healthy and fit. Here are just a few things that she does that would benefit most people.

* Loves training. Can’t wait to get to the gym or out for a run.

* Trains with passion and controlled intensity for approximately 5 hours a week. Regularly has 2 rest days a week.

* Eats quality protein and veg with every meal.

* Rarely eats sweets, processed food or drinks alcohol.

* Lifts heavy weights, does HIIT and runs regularly.

* Made fitness a huge part of her psychology.

* Has an “internal locus of control” – is more influenced by what she wants than what her environment tells her she should want.

* Never ever, even once, have I heard her say “I can’t do that”. Even when the weights feel heavy she pushes through and does what she can without ever being negative.

….Out of all these, this one is the key:

“Loves training. Can’t wait to get to the gym or get out for a run.”

This one is definitely what separates long-term success from failure. If you’re at work every day thinking, “Oh no, I’ve got to work out when I get home” then, unfortunately, unless this mindset changes (and it CAN change as you get into it and start seeing results), you won’t last the distance. You need to enjoy the process as well as the outcome.

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Written by: Danny

I am a Personal Trainer but my background is as a Lecturer, specialising in Personal Development & Motivation so I know what it takes to help people to change their lives. I did it myself – in fact I’m the original poacher turned gamekeeper. I used to be overweight, unfit and unhealthy and I changed it all with a lifestyle-focused approach to fitness and nutrition and now I help people all over the world to do the same with my R28 Fitness and R28 Nutrition plans.

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