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The First 10 Weeks

Roman, has gone from 1 unhealthy meal a day to 2-3 decent meals a day with healthy snacks. Losing weight does NOT mean staving yourself! Eat more of the right things and you’ll never go hungry.

Roman also added one PT session a week with me (a combination of weight training, circuits and building up his aerobic capacity, which needed rebuilding after stopping smoking), plus 2-3 sessions of home training each week.

The things we’ve put in place are designed to last for the rest of his life. No crash diets. No boring 60 minute stepper sessions. Just good food and a progressive training plan.

This is what can be achieved in 10 weeks with a focus on good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

roman 55The First 6-7 Months

This is seven months of
– eating better
– doing a little bit of exercise here and there
– maybe once a week (at first) lifting weights, now 2 or 3 times
– one or two runs a week some weeks, other weeks none

I know people who do 10 times as much exercise as this but they don’t get their diet right so they don’t make as good progress.

Could you make this kind of progress in a shorter period? Probably, yes, but you would have to hit it really hard and it might be difficult to keep up that level of intensity long-term.

Better to work at 50% for 10 years than 100% for 10 weeks.

For the last three months we have been focusing on getting some definition as the weight is coming off nicely, notice Roman’s shoulders and arms – we have added in some isolation work as well as the compound lifts.

Feb 213lbs
May 196lbs
Jul 189lbs
Oct 182lbs

Update: Here’s Roman after 12 months.

Awesome work Roman! 🙂

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Written by: Danny

I am a Personal Trainer but my background is as a Lecturer, specialising in Personal Development & Motivation so I know what it takes to help people to change their lives. I did it myself – in fact I’m the original poacher turned gamekeeper. I used to be overweight, unfit and unhealthy and I changed it all with a lifestyle-focused approach to fitness and nutrition and now I help people all over the world to do the same with my R28 Fitness and R28 Nutrition plans.

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