28 Day Meal Plan

Forget paying £120 a month for shakes and fad diets. Once you’ve got your 28 day meal plan you can use it forever, and guess what – it’s REAL FOOD!

If you’re the kind of person who wants a no-hassle meal plan that takes the frustration and choice out of shopping and preparing meals then my 28 day meal plan will help you to achieve your weight loss and toning goals without having to worry about meal planning.


A full 28 days’ worth of meals – all designed and planned out for you! Every calorie counted and every meal designed to give you all the protein, fat and carbohydrate that you need. A full shopping list for each week helps you to prepare and the easy to follow recipes help you to make nutritious, healthy and calorie blasting meals – for breakfast, lunch, dinner…even snacks are included!

No more calorie counting. No more trying to work out what you should eat – it’s all done for you!

Supplied in Kindle friendly PDF format that can be read on Kindle, iPhone, Android or PC/Laptop.

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Real Recipe Book

The Real Fitness CoachMy Real Recipe Book is the ideal accompaniment to my 28 day meal plan.

I’ve worked with cover models, natural bodybuilders and nutritionists to create my Real Recipe Book, which has over 90 recipes packed with fat-blasting protein and energy boosting carbs. With breakfast, lunches, dinners, shakes and snacks you’ll never go hungry!

15494026_10154261704431234_1640441085_nI’m a very hands-on dad of two young boys, so I know how hard it is to fit work, fitness, family and fun into just a few hours each day. That’s why I’ve taken the time to ensure that these recipes are not going to require the next MasterChef to create them.
Each recipe can be prepared quickly and easily with step-by-step instructions for each recipe and all the family will LOVE them!

As well as being tasty and packed with nutritional value, these recipes are also quick and easy to make so you won’t miss out on family mealtime!

You can order yours below for only £7.99.

Supplied in Kindle friendly PDF format that can be read on Kindle, iPhone, Android or PC/Laptop.

Buy Now £7.99 


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me tri2I get asked all the time how I did it. How I went from unfit to healthy. From overweight to one of the UK’s leading personal trainers. Obviously, a big part of it was exercise, but perhaps the hardest part was getting my diet right.

Having trained hundreds of people, both in groups, one-to-one and online, I know that nutrition is the thing that most people struggle with. Yoyo dieting, going to the gym three or four times a week and still not shifting the weight, trying to lose that “last little bit of fat”…whatever your goal, these products will help you to achieve it…after all, if I did it YOU CAN TOO!!

I’ve worked with cover models (both male and female), leading personal trainers and nutritionists to create my R28 Real Nutrition Plans, which can be used over and over again.

R28 Real Nutrition Plan  £29.95 Limited Time ONLY £19.95  

Order today and receive my R28 Real Recipe Book FREE! (Usually £9.99)


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Written by: Danny

I am a Personal Trainer but my background is as a Lecturer, specialising in Personal Development & Motivation so I know what it takes to help people to change their lives. I did it myself – in fact I’m the original poacher turned gamekeeper. I used to be overweight, unfit and unhealthy and I changed it all with a lifestyle-focused approach to fitness and nutrition and now I help people all over the world to do the same with my R28 Fitness and R28 Nutrition plans.

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